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Welcome to Juvenile Justice Impact!


Here, you will connect with Dr. Susan Feneck as she shares her guests’ passions, knowledge and humanitarian concerns while bringing them to light. She will inspire you, and enrich the masses with their incredible experiences and lessons learned.  Dr. Feneck will encompass messages and altering information that will transform the way you think, react, and be a change agent by relating to their inspiring messages. Dr. Feneck will share with you her vast worldly experience along with her guests to enrich your life as you know it with both empowerment and direction.

Dr. Susan Feneck has been an educator, Child Psychologist, and advocate for children in the juvenile justice system for over 20 years. She has been recognized nationally and internationally for her efforts. She has written, produced and directed her own screen play, Jumpsuit Shackle. Dr. Feneck’s course as an instructor is on an exclusive panel of experts; You Will Change the World is;Juvenile Justice Secrets. Her TEDx CanonDriveWomen topic; It’s about Time to Change the Juvenile Justice System. Her book series is up and coming.

School To Prison Pipeline...Is Your Child Next?
Tears of Hope Movement With Aimmee Kodachian

School To Prison Pipeline...Is Your Child Next?

What You Can Do

To Help

1. We encourage you to watch Jumpsuit Shackle to learn more about the injustice that is happening still today.

2. Take the course if you would like to join our mission.

3. Support and attend our annual gala. Sign up below and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay up to date on events information.

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