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Dr. Susan Feneck began her scholastic journey at Auburn Community College earning an A.A.S degree in Business Administration.  She continued her education at Canisius College, Buffalo, NY where she earned a BA in Communication Studies and a MS in Counseling and Human Services. Dr. Feneck went on to earn her Doctorate Degree in Counseling Psychology at Argosy University, completing her dissertation on at risk youth.   

Upon graduation, Dr. Feneck was selected as the Child Psychologist at the Erie County Department of Forensic Mental Health where she served for seven years. During this time, she also served as an Adjunct Professor at Canisius College in the Department of Counseling and Human Services.  Concurrently, Dr. Feneck founded an internship program at the college through which students from the same department were allowed to work alongside her and thus gain real world experience as a Child Psychologist at the secure youth detention facility.


While at the Erie County Youth Detention Facility, her roles and responsibilities ranged from court ordered mental health evaluations and treatment plans for juvenile delinquents, juvenile offenders, children in foster care and group homes. Dr. Feneck worked closely with all those associated with each case. With the support of the Giambra Administration, she was a pioneer in making substantial changes as well as facilitating the passage of numerous county and state wide initiatives.



After serving in the capacity as a child psychologist at the Erie County department of Forensic Mental Health, Dr. Feneck relocated to Dubai after being chosen from applicants around the globe to serve as Special Assistant to the President at the American University in Dubai (AUD) for an exclusive three year term.  During her tenure, she served on the Executive Committee for the reaffirmation and recertification of the university as well strategic planning for quality enhancement of the university. Dr. Feneck was nominated to be affiliated with the American Business Council of Dubai and the Northern Emirates in the President’s Club.


Upon her return from Dubai, Dr. Feneck introduced and launched her screenplay; Jumpsuit Shackle, a screenplay focusing upon the treatment of at risk youth in the Juvenile Justice System. She has continued to be devoted to an advocate for the juvenile justice system. Dr. Feneck has now for twenty (20) years been an advocate for at risk youth and adults.  Examples of current events include but are not limited to; being an instructor on You Will Change The World and her most recent TEDx Canon Drive Women in Beverly Hills also with a focus on the Juvenile Justice System. Her passion for helping those in need and having a positive impact on other’s lives is unending. Dr. Feneck also has been chosen recently been chosen to be a special guest at the Spirit Summit in Arizona at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio.


Dr. Feneck has been nominated to join prestigious affiliations such as The American Business Council, Presidents Club (Dubai & the Northern Emirates), Leadership Buffalo, and the Juvenile Detention Association (JDA). She worked for a Psychiatric Urgent Facility and behavioral health hospitals where she provided the homeless and the mentally disabled with supportive services. Dr. Feneck was
a Top 100 Doctors nominee in May 2019, and voted Women of Influence in November 2019 and Top 100 Doctors September 2020. As a Board Member for Rethink Worldwide, her mission is to bring light to injustice through her
Juvenile Justice Impact program.  

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All Women Rock Award


"Everyone knows Dr. Susan M Feneck. Her career has been astounding. Her passion to bring the Juvenile System into mainstream through truth and education is so powerful." 


Jules Lavallee

Humanitarian, International Journalist, Screenplay Writer

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